Benefits and responsibilities while residing at The Thicket:

Successful applicants are given a place to live with a private bedroom, private studio, shared bathroom, internet connection, equipped kitchen, and our knowledge of the surrounding land and people.

The romanticized landscapes of the South come with a few hardships. It’s hot and humid, and the month of April sees a decent amount of bugs. The residency is located in the town of Darien within McIntosh County. The county is one of the most remote in the area, so we look for residents comfortable with making work away from large cities. The nearest city is Savannah, Georgia, a one-hour drive north on Interstate 95. 

Unfortunately, residents are required to have a car while at The Thicket. We understand that a car is an onerous requirement. Past residents have rented cars from the Savannah airport (sometimes for $8-12 per day). Others have applied in pairs and shared the burden of renting a car. And still others have driven their own vehicle down to Darien. 


We are currently not accepting applications for residencies.  Please email us if you are interested in future residency dates and we can let you know when things open back up again.

If you’d like to apply in the future, please submit the following in one PDF document:

- A short proposal (250 words, more or less) describing your intentions with the residency. Be sure to include your name, address, email, phone number, and the proposed dates of your residency.
- 10 images of your work, and/or links to your videos and/or writing samples. Please keep the total amount of video you’d like us to watch to under 5 minutes and the writing samples to no more than 20 pages. If, in lieu of submitting images and/or videos and/or writing samples, you’d prefer to send us a link to your website, no sweat! Please do so.
- An artist statement
- A resume or CV

Email this PDF as an attachment--with a file size of less than 10MB--to In the subject field, please type: "APPLICATION: [first name] [last name]". Applicants will then be contacted for a brief and casual phone interview.

Occasionally stipends are available in amounts up to $500 per residency, but applicants are encouraged to seek their own funding sources for project expenses and materials. In order to be considered for the $500 stipend, please also submit a second PDF with the following information within the same email that contains your application:

- A short description of how you plan to use the $500 (250-500 words)
- The names and contact information of two recommenders

Submissions are not acknowledged upon receipt. If you would like to confirm the arrival or status of your application, feel free to contact us by email.

The program operates seasonally, from February through July and mid-September through November. Though resident selections are made on an ongoing basis with no deadlines, the sooner the application is sent, the more likely the requested time period will be available. A peer review committee meets approximately every couple of months to examine and comment on the applications.

This residency program is open to people of all disciplines, backgrounds, working methods, and levels of experience. Applications are welcome from collaborators or groups who wish to work together on projects.

Generally, residents will stay for a period of two to four weeks, sometimes longer. 

During their tenure at The Thicket, residents are expected to care for their residence facilities. There is no janitorial service. Residents are expected to wash their own dishes, do their own laundry, take out the trash, and leave the place as they found it.